All your favorite PDC recipes, now at home.

Dear friends,

Years ago, we got our start in the food business through our love of hospitality and taking care of people. People like you, our friends, inspire most of what we make day to day. We love to prepare food and develop recipes centered around what people want, married with our sensibilities, style, and producing what we think people need.

It makes our family feel great knowing that over the years, people have grown to love the food we make, and still actively recall their favorite meals in recent memory years later.

Honestly, memory is why most people enjoy food anyways. You letting us be a part of your memories is what brings so much joy to us as a family. We enjoy turning utility into delight, meeting people where they’re at, earning their friendship, and hopefully introducing them to new enjoyments along their culinary journey.

Over the past several months, we have wanted to give away what we’ve created over the years. It’s a seemingly difficult task seeing as the root of our creative style is inspired and derived “at the moment.” But recently, each of us has taken the time to write down many favorite recipes that we can recall, and publish them in a format all of our friends can enjoy online.

Each of us will take turns, releasing our recipes over time. We hope you enjoy what we’ve written, that you make our recipes better, and each is a catalyst to forge your creative food memories moving forward!

Remember that good food is honestly simple. Don’t overthink it. Relax and feel free to learn by your own experience of working through these family favorites.

We look forward to seeing what all of you do with these recipes. Please share all the pictures and memories with us along the way, and thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

The Price Family,

Mike, Donna, and Matthew.

Don’t forget to share your memories with us!

Kale Salad from @rachel.wagers
Pizza Tuesday from @belle_kendrick_
Poppyseed Chicken from @jillianickes

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Dessert Edit

Oh yes! Treating yourself is necessary. We’ll be posting some of your favorite dessert recipes, such as Smores Brownies, Cookie Skillets, No-Bake Cookies, and more!