What to make with Hummus

Hummus is something easy to make that you can enjoy all week long.

Here are different ways that I use Hummus when I have some already made.

Hummus Sandwich


Hummus adds incredible flavor and texture to any Sandwich. Try adding it to yours or practice with one of our Recipies that use Hummus.

Hummus Plated

To Plate a Meal

Hummus pairs incredible with most food, and it’s a unique way to add layers of texture, flavor, and nutrition to your meal.

I use Hummus when plating meals for myself.

Start by taking a spoonful of Hummus and place it on the plate. Then take the back end of your spoon, press down, and spread in a straight line or half circle. Hummus is dense, so if you mess up, feel free to try a couple of times, making it look nice.

After that, begin building a Salad or whatever meal you’ve prepared on top!

Looking bougie as you plate Hummus artistically is just a bonus to all the flavor and nutrition it adds. As Celine would say, “swagg.”

Hummus Flatbread


Grab some Pita Bread and turn it into a sophisticated mid-day snack.

Add a layer Hummus on top of the Pita Bread. Then add whatever fresh produce you have in your refrigerator.

My go-to Flatbread combo would be Pita Bread, Hummus, Sliced Cucumbers, Sliced Tomatoes, and Sliced Red Onion topped with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Fresh Cracked Pepper, and Italian Parsley.

(Pictured left includes Pickled Cabbage)

Sprouts are also my favorite microgreen in the world. I’ll always add them to the top of this flatbread or a bagel when I have them handy!

Hummus Crudities


Keep it simple. Use Hummus to dip with your favorite Vegetables, Crackers, and Bread.

When preparing food for guests, presentation is all about layers.

I usually keep Hummus around and add it to my Charcuterie Boards whenever friends stop by. You can easily add some Hummus to a bowl, garnish, and stack fresh Vegetables, Crackers, and Bread around for a beautiful presentation.

Make some Hummus of your own and give it a try!