Stock Pantry Items

Go-to brands to keep your pantry stocked, properly.

The world is saturated with more bands than ever before, making it difficult for you to determine which is the best for your home.

Below are some easy to find “go-to brands” that we think you should keep in your home to make our recipes.

Many of these brands are the ones we use commercially, while others are an excellent alternative that you can find readily available for home use. We assembled this list while keeping in mind the accessibility of different items as our friends live in varying regions across the country.

Outside of being a client, we are not associated with, nor do we participate in affiliate programs with the following brands. These are just our recommendations.

Pantry Items

Go-to Jam and Spread Brands by PDC




Freezer Items

Snack Kitchen

The best days start with the best coffee.

Kobrick Coffee Co.

Dark Velvet Blend